Charlotte Qin

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Love Letter from 2022

My future-self asked me to read this when I am feeling weak




You feel safe, so safe. You have more than enough money in your bank account that you could even plan for your holidays a year ahead. You could buy carefully chosen presents for your mom, dad, grandmother, grandpa, cousins, and bring home lots of Swiss chocolate on your visit.

You feel supported. You are constantly held and encouraged by the artistic community locally and globally. They are not only vibrant, inspiring, but also make you feel like you are leading the love revolution together. Moreover, this community only seems to grow bigger and stronger.

You are seen. You have an audience who are fascinated by the presence of you and your art in their life. You bring mysteries and femininity to the ones who seemed to have lost touch with the art of living. Having a piece of your artwork around reminds them of how luxuriously beautiful life can be by just being still.

You are valued. Your clients need your talents to bring their ambition to the next level. The touch of your design has added the magic of seduction to their work, and thus all the funders and stakeholders start falling with their visions.

You are so loved. You generously give love, spend quality time with people. You value each relationship, because they are the building blocks to this life and you hold one another with genuine care as we are in the web of life together.

Chinese-Canadian artist based in Geneva, Switzerland. I share intimate stories behind my work at the QinTheory 秦 論 Studio. (